Node.js development

Node.js development

Node.js developerNode.js is essentially Javascript outside of the browser. It’s built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript runtime and uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model which makes it extremely fast. It’s becoming a standard for anyone who needs intensive real-time applications

Lean and MEAN

The MEAN stack is changing the web: MongoDb, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js. This is the 360, full Javascript stack. This architecture is rapidly gaining popularity as a lightweight and scaleable technology solution.

Where Node.js is ideal.

  • Anything which needs fast bi directional communication with the server such as chat applications, real time game play, voice and telecomm applications, or financial applications which require a lot of rapidly updating data.
  • JSON API: Node.js is great for setting up RESTful JSON APIs. These sorts of web services take a few input parameters and passes a little data back. Smaller means faster, and this setup is ideal for mobile applications.
  • Single Page Apps: Node.js is our preferred backend for single page apps, or SPAs. It’s great as the backend for an AngularJS app.

Node.js is maturing quickly and is being deployed in more and more mission-critical and revenue-critical systems, such as eCommerce and banking infrastructures. While it’s not at popular as PHP or Java, the community behind Node is wildly active and there are going to be tremendous advancements platform in the coming years.

We’ve developed Node.js applications for enterprise applications, and used it to build Speek, a service for placing conference calls.

For more info see the official Node.js site

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